Our view of sustainability

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We believe that technology will play a crucial role in many of the challenges we face globally – particularly when it comes to our future energy generation. Sustainable development is therefore ÅF’s core business. We are also confident that the experience we have and the fundamental values we hold will be the key to making things happen.

Nyamko Sabuni, hållbarhetschefÅF = Sustainability

The major difference that ÅF makes in moving society towards a more sustainable future is through the projects we undertake for our customers. All our commissions include a dimension of sustainability!
Reduced energy consumption leads to lower carbon dioxide emissions. Energy efficiency is of major significance for the overall effect on the climate. All properties use energy (heating, cooling, electricity), which leads, among other things, to carbon dioxide emissions. The fact is that some 40 per cent of Sweden’s energy is used to run properties. A selection of the EU’s climate targets include:

  • Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 20 per cent by 2020 (EU 27). Emissions must fall by 30 per cent in a more extensive, international agreement.

  • Increased energy efficiency within the Union – energy usage must fall by 20 per cent by 2020.



Make a contribution to the climate

Measures that reduce energy consumption are of major significance for the overall effect on the climate. Lower energy consumption means that nature’s resources are not burdened to such a great extent. However, there are business benefits too. Does your business have a specific environmental policy? Would you like to be able to meet the demands of your tenants for climate adaptations? Making energy efficiencies makes it easier to practice what you preach. And to create a greener image.


Environmental concerns are not just goodwill, they are beneficial to business. We have the tools to help you report your contributions for a better climate. Lower energy consumption means that nature’s resources are not burdened to such a great extent. By making energy efficiencies you are making a contribution to the climate.


However, our model gives you a bit more than that. ÅF Energy Controller gives you a clear picture of the result of the energy efficiencies you have made. We help you to recalculate the savings in amount of carbon dioxide so that you can communicate your initiatives in, for example, sustainability reports and accounts. And in the business’s environmental policy. In short, back up theories with actions.


Presenting climate initiatives can also be important when you need concrete arguments for potential tenants who are looking for a landlord/manager with a green profile.


The term “climate” is a broad one and also includes the environment inside the property. Energy efficiency delivers a better indoor climate thanks to measures such as more even temperature levels. To achieve this we review the air flows, temperatures, heat recovery and insulation.


ÅF can help you and your business become more sustainable.
Contact us at ÅF and we will tell you more!


//Nyamko Sabuni, Sustainability Manager




ÅF Green Advisor Report

At ÅF we are constantly working to find new ways to improve our sustainability and our ambition is to be the first and best choice as a partner when it comes to sustainability services of all kinds. ÅF Green Advisor Report describes a variety of assignments related to sustainability that ÅF has performed around the world.


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