Continuous check on the energy situation

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Gösta Samuelsson Bil receives a report on its energy consumption every month. The information is presented in an easily understandable form in our ÅF Energy Controller tool – which is included in Energy Collaboration.

From survey to follow-up

Gösta Samuelsson Bil is a family-owned company with operations in Gävle, Ludvika and Sandviken. They chose us to institute the project in Gävle where the total area of the premises is just over 7,000 m2. It involves showrooms, workshops, shops, warehouses and offices.


Our commission was comprehensive – that is to say, all aspects that are included in an energy collaboration: conducting a survey, plan of action, implementation and follow-up.


Large savings with small resources

The survey revealed a number of areas within electricity and district heating where energy usage could be reduced. It mainly involved adjusting and setting the existing equipment. It did not require any major new investments.


The premises' ventilation system included several ventilation units with long operating times. The action taken was to set the operating times that were decided upon. The supply air temperature was unnecessarily high and it was possible to reduce it (the ventilation then works more efficiently – at the same time as the heat from lights, people and natural sunlight was utilized more optimally).


We also saw a need to review the heating system, where it was possible to lower electricity costs and heat losses during the summer by adapting the operation of the pump. Savings were also made by controlling the lighting. We put in timers and presence detectors, so that lights and other lighting were not left on unnecessarily.


Gösta Samuelsson Bil is a small company without its own operating personnel. Our expert know-how was consequently important throughout the entire project. The monitoring tool ÅF Energy Controller is part of the collaboration and represents a regular status report for the customer. It enables the customer to easily check energy usage and contact us rapidly if a graph is pointing in the wrong direction.


Results after just over a year's work comprise implementation of the above measures and others: a saving of almost SEK 140,000. The project is proceeding with a corresponding review of the buildings in Sandviken.

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