Municipality with excellent forecasts

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Using our ÅF Energy Controller tool Markaryd municipality is not just able to monitor its energy usage. They are also able to make forecasts for forthcoming periods.

Energy efficiency from the bottom up

Markaryd municipality was early in realising the opportunities for making energy efficiencies. A collaboration with Energiprojekt Sverige, a company that was later acquired by ÅF, was initiated as early as 2003.


The first parts of the commission were to analyse and conduct a survey of the municipality's energy usage. It involved buildings with an area of 76,500 m2, almost all municipal properties with activities such as schooling, child care and social services. We looked at use of water, electricity and district heating. After presenting an action programme we were also commissioned to implement the necessary changes. Once this was completed, in 2006, we were able to establish that energy usage had been reduced by 15%.


Since then the municipality has been using ÅF's Energy Controller tool to monitor and forecast its energy usage.


Forecast function decisive

Energy comprises some 30% of the municipality's total monthly costs. In other words, it is a considerable proportion – being able to check that the savings are maintained is of major importance when it comes to the municipality's finances.


The tool is used by the municipality's energy- and climate advisers with responsibility above all for optimizing running costs. They analyse the everyday operation and can quickly recognise any deviations, for example, if there are any water leaks and other changes. However, the forecast feature is primarily used for financial control and follow-up. Among other things, it is then possible to calculate if it is worth making major systemic changes (such as moving from electric heating to district heating).


It was precisely the forecast function in the monitoring tool that was an important reason that Markaryd chose to continue collaborating with ÅF. For none of our competitors was able to offer this. Furthermore, we have specially adapted the function on behalf of Markaryd so that they can obtain calendar year reporting.


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