Do as Rya Golf Club - invest in energy pay-as-you-save

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Reduce energy bill by a third and use the money to upgrade the clubhouse and course. It should be every club manager´s dream, especially when the club´s liquidity is strained. The dream comes true with ÅF Energy cooperation.

Just south of Helsingborg lies Rya Golf Club beautifully situated by the sea with Ven and Denmark in view. When Rya Golf Club launched an energy parnership with ÅF they had a cost for electricity, heating, cooling and ventilation of about 500 000 SEK per year. Now you work on getting it down to 300 000 SEK. In five years, it saves then a million dollars, money that you basically get for nothing.


ÅF assignment

ÅF makes independent energy consultant , a total review of the club's energy use, identify savings opportunities , recommend an action , procures new systems, ensuring that they will be professionally installed , tune them , and best of all - take the whole bill . Incredible as it may seem, it actually goes to that way. The trick is that the savings will be so great that Rya Golf Club can take the current operating budget to fund the investment and consulting fees , but only when we see that the total energy cost has gone down . So the excess then pay the party in the early years , then it's pure net profit.

Thanks to our experience we can credibly calculate what the customer can save, and we have well promised a certain level of saving makes it also requires us to ensure that the goal is achieved . In the end , it becomes a win-win situation. On Rya Golf Club , we have made both small and large operations. The fact is that even simple measures affecting energy bill. We have changed the lights above the reception desk to LED lights and other facilities for CFLs. In addition to the lighting , we optimize heating, cooling , ventilation in the restaurant and in the rest of the clubhouse. Everything is timed - going no business premises , goes all systems lose power .

The separate dressing House has called for special efforts. Where did the ventilation is not controlling . Was it 20 degrees outside , it was 20 degrees inside , it was 30 outside , it was 30 inside . A new ventilation system has been installed with self- control and a heat pump replaces the now elradiatorerna . Fresh air is taken in at . 8-17 and is heated by the heat pump to take ventilation and transmission losses. Other times of day recirculated air and heat pump covers only the transmission losses through the air. On the saved 35-40 % energy.


ÅF has also looked at the possibility of installing air - source heat pumps for the entire clubhouse , something that does not burden Rya GK's investment budget . Instead , one can use its cash to build a rail with three holes and upgrade the track here and there.

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