Savings without investments

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There were multiple challenges in our collaboration with the property owner Fabege. Partly in that there was a complex building, and partly a desire to optimise energy use without making any new investments.

A pilot case in Bromma

Fabege is located in Stockholm and specialises in renting out office premises and property development. A building at Brommaplan in West Stockholm was selected as a pilot case in a new collaboration between ÅF and Fabege. The total area amounted to 8,285 m2.


We took on the challenge with the aim of reducing the costs for energy usage – without having to make any investments in new equipment.


The entire commission was executed in close collaboration between our project manager and Fabege's operations manager and operating personnel.


Eighties building with complex structure

The Bordduken 7 building was completed in 1989 and contains shops, district health centres and municipal functions.


It has a complex structure and has a large number of systems that deviate from the standard template for installations in office blocks. The air treatment system consists of several air treatment units with rotating heat recovery. Heating- and cooling production takes place through a heat pump plant where both the energy from evaporators (cooling) and condensers (heating) is utilized by the building. Heat recovery is also derived from condensers from shop refrigeration in food shops.


The project was primarily focused on optimizing control parameters and making existing installations more efficient. When the project was evaluated after one year it was possible to document an energy saving of 40%.


Furthermore, a number of historically recurrent operating problems had finally been resolved.


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