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MedicHus wanted to reduce heat usage by a quarter. During the course of the project we also reviewed use of electricity and instituted measures to reduce it.


Photo: Johan Wingborg


Long-term initiative

MedicHus manages sheltered housing and premises in Göteborg in which activities for old people are held. They also manage housing with special services and premises for activities targeted at people with disabilities.


The total area amounts to some 500,000 m2. When the collaboration commenced we set a target to reduce heat usage by around 25% over a ten year period – from an average of about 130 kWh/m2 to an average of 100 kWh/m2.


A project group has constituted the core team during the course of the work. The group includes technical administrators and operating personnel from MedicHus – as well as ÅF’s project manager of course.


Both heating and electricity

MedicHus manages a large number of buildings. To ensure that the commission runs as smoothly as possible we have divided up our initiatives into a number of sub-projects. A methodical job that encompasses hundreds of energy efficiency measures.


After an energy survey in the relevant building various measures to lower energy consumption have been identified. We have subsequently produced data in order to implement the measures in forms such as drawings or descriptions to enable our client to procure contractors.


Common measures include adjustment of heating- and ventilation systems. It involves optimizing operation of the existing equipment: the right operating times, right graphs for technical systems and right temperatures. In some cases it has been necessary to construct and/or replace ventilation systems.


Over the years we have also analysed and instituted measures to make electricity usage at MedicHus more efficient, operation of fans, for example.


Nine of the ten years have now passed and the set objectives have been achieved. Our aim during the remaining year is to get slightly below the target set. The collaboration with the operating personnel has been (and is) of the greatest importance. They assist us by pointing out weak points, while we have the overview of how the different systems work in conjunction with each other.

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