It concerns the property value

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One result of lower energy costs is that net operating income is higher. This increases the value of the property. From a life cycle perspective it is interesting to see what benefits making energy efficiencies delivers in the long-term – in relation to the investments you make today. Far-sighted property owners and managers consequently take operating issues into consideration as early as the project planning stage.

Furthermore: to make energy efficiencies is to make climate adaptations. An important measure that increases your chances of environmentally classifying the property. Classifications such as GreenBuilding, BREEAM and LEED contribute to the property becoming more attractive for tenants. And in that the insurance premiums are lower, you are taking less of a risk in conjunction with mortgaging.

Sustainability and environmental issues are not a passing trend. Quite the reverse. It is not just the EU’s common climate targets that are important – the demand for energy efficient buildings is bound to increase.

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