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You achieve the best economic outcome with ÅF Energy Collaboration. It also gives you a good deal right from the outset.

Energy Collaboration can lower your energy costs by up to 15–25%, sometimes more. We promise that at least 20% of the cost savings go directly back to you over the course of the project. We reinvest the remainder (a maximum of 80%) in the building for measures such as upgrading systems and fine-tuning installations. When the costs have been completely repaid the savings accrue to you.

The Energy Collaboration starts with a survey where an experienced energy engineer goes through the property in order to draw up a plan of action. Measures are subsequently implemented based on the plan of action, everything from optimizing parameters in the existing equipment to developing the skills of your personnel. In the subsequent management phase you use ÅF Energy Controller. Electricity, heating, district cooling and water are presented here every month – in both kWh and kronor.

The Energy Collaboration is precisely that, a collaboration. It goes with saying that we make sure that the operating personnel are involved. Our role is to support them and to ensure that our know-how is put to use in the daily operation.

We report our costs openly. As a customer you have full insight and can say no to measures you don’t wish to implement. You can monitor in the energy follow-up how the savings finance the measures and generate profits.

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