We increase the value of the property

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Net operating income is made up of income from rents minus the property’s operating- and maintenance costs, rates and ground rent. Net operating income has a major effect on the property’s value.

Common reasons why net operating income is much too low are:

  • Ventilation- and heating water flows are not adapted to the activities in the property.
  • The temperature levels are incorrect.
  • Heat recovery is functioning poorly.
  • Waste heat is not reused.
  • Timing of the ventilation-, heating- and lighting systems is not set correctly.

We look at all the components that are of crucial importance in the everyday operation – based on the property as an integrated system.

It is increasingly common that the value of the property is affected by the extent to which it has undergone climate adaptation. You can receive help from us in classifying your property as a GreenBuilding, an energy label for commercial buildings developed by the EU. The work includes introducing an energy management system. Alternatively we can certify according to BREEAM or LEED.

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