We improve the operating economy

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At ÅF we have many years’ experience of coaching our customers towards a smarter use of energy. Our customers cross the spectrum from housing cooperatives and commercial properties to advanced processing industries.

Our experience shows that it is the operating economy that is the priority question. It is the energy costs that customers want to reduce. You can use us in various ways for this purpose. Everything according to your requirements. Perhaps you just need a pilot study? Or that we take over responsibility for the actual implementation. You choose the parts for which you want to engage us:

Conducting a survey

A survey where we to identify fundamental cost-saving measures within the actual running operation, i.e. ensure that existing installations are being operated optimally. The result is a plan of action with suggestions for measures.


We go into action and implement the proposed measures.


We follow up energy usage, consumption of media and cost savings. We keep a check on collaborative agreements and monitor operations.

In the management phase you use ÅF Energy Controller. It is a unique tool to enable simple monitoring of usage and energy costs. Electricity, heating, district cooling and water are presented here every month – in both kWh and kronor. You achieve the best economic outcome with ÅF Energy Collaboration. It can lower your energy costs by up to 15–25%, sometimes more.

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