We make a contribution to the climate

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Lower energy consumption means that nature’s resources are not burdened to such a great extent. By making energy efficiencies you are making a contribution to the climate.

However, our model gives you a bit more than that. ÅF Energy Controller gives you a clear picture of the result of the energy efficiencies you have made. We help you to recalculate the savings in amount of carbon dioxide so that you can communicate your initiatives in, for example, sustainability reports and accounts. And in the business's environmental policy. In short, back up theories with actions.

Presenting climate initiatives can also be important when you need concrete arguments for potential tenants who are looking for a landlord /manager with a green profile.

The term “climate” is a broad one and also includes the environment inside the property. Energy efficiency delivers a better indoor climate thanks to measures such as more even temperature levels. To achieve this we review the air flows, temperatures, heat recovery and insulation.

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