More about ÅF

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ÅF is a technical consultancy with breadth and depth. You can find out more about us and what we can offer here.

What we do (a summary)

ÅF offers advanced services and solutions for industrial processes, for infrastructural projects and in conjunction with development of products and IT systems.

When we started

1895. This means that we have experienced four major technological changes: steam power, electricity, nuclear power and computerisation. In other words, we have considerable experience, to say the least. Today we are one of Europe's largest technical consultancies, undertaking more than 20,000 commissions for some 13,000 customers every year.

What makes us special

We don't charge for our time, rather for the value created. Our function is to enhance our customers' productivity and make it more efficient, at the same time as lowering their costs. A collaboration with ÅF entails shared objectives. We help our customers to achieve development that is more secure, more profitable and more sustainable.

Our view of sustainability

Technology is going to play a crucial role in all the challenges that the world is facing. Not least when it comes to energy generation. Sustainable development is therefore ÅF's core business. We advocate that our customers establish long-term economic, social and ecological values. As a result of a collaboration with the four Olympic Committees in Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden we have received the exclusive title Green Advisor. The work entails us acting as adviser in green issues and assisting in developing the Olympic sports from a sustainability perspective.