Energy round

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The energy round is an effective method for finding defects in a building’s energy consumption, energy that would otherwise be consumed needlessly year after year. By reducing energy consumption you also reduce impacts on the environment.

What is an energy round?


The energy round involves a review of the building and its energy consumption, where energy measures are identified and evaluated.


An energy round is intended to culminate in specific, hands-on suggestions for saving measures.


The focus of the energy round is primarily on measures to optimise operations involving small investments and relatively short payback periods, the single most profitable way of becoming energy efficient.


The ÅF energy round is thereby ultimately about ensuring that fixed installations, equipment and appliances that are already installed at the facility are being used as efficiently as possible.


The following stages are covered:

  • Collection of energy statistics
  • Inventory and instantaneous measurements
  • Analysis and summary of statistics and measurements
  • Development of proposals for action with an assessment of the cost savings and payback period

Why is an energy round needed?


By making an energy round you get a clear picture of the most profitable energy measures in the building. The energy round provides a basis for prioritising the right measures and can serve as the basis for an action plan for continued work on increasing energy efficiency. Following an energy round, measures are often identified that lead to energy consumption being reduced by 20 to 30 %.


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