Energy efficiency and reduced operating costs

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Energy consumption in buildings represents a significant part of total global energy consumption. Through energy efficiency, we can both reduce the cost of individual buildings and bring down carbon dioxide emissions. At ÅF, we are striving to create ‘smart buildings’, properties where you integrate technology that monitors and manages energy consumption leading to greater efficiency and reduced operating costs.

We help our customers reduce energy consumption and operating costs


A building structure and technical installations are of great importance to energy consumption. Simple measures can often result in major savings. At ÅF we have qualified knowledge in everything from complex energy studies and turnkey solutions for a property to small-scale action plans aimed at finding simple and cost-effective measures that enable customers to reduce their energy consumption and operating costs.


We offer services such as energy performance certificates, design, new construction, reconstruction and management of installations and energy systems. Our goal is always to find the most cost effective solutions. Within the framework of ÅF Energy’s collaboration, we currently handle several million square metres of building area.


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ÅF Green Advisor Report

At ÅF we are constantly working to find new ways to improve our sustainability and our ambition is to be the first and best choice as a partner when it comes to sustainability services of all kinds. ÅF Green Advisor Report describes a variety of assignments related to sustainability that ÅF has performed around the world.


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