Sustainable operational strategy to reduce power peaks

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As many district heating suppliers are starting to use more effects-based tariffs, it will be of the utmost importance for landlords to minimise peak loads in heating and ventilation systems. ÅF will help you gain full control over your system and ensure that it is run in a smart way.

This means, among other things, avoiding excessive power peaks, for example, the start-up sequence for the ventilation system. In order to minimise power peaks we can help you to:

  • Perform an energy audit to identify the major energy consumers.
  • Distribute loads to different times of the day.
  • Reduce power output by restricting needs during set periods.
  • Take advantage of energy storage in batteries or in the building structure.
  • Run the ventilation system with customised air quantities and at the correct temperatures.
  • Make sure that heat recovery in the ventilation system is functioning optimally. Ventilation may account for 70 % of total power and heat requirements in an office building.
  • Analyse the hour values to identify idle loads.
  • Adjustment of the air flow during cold days: Slow down fans and reduce the supply air.
  • Thoroughly train your operations team in the complexity of the technical installations. With motivated operations staff you already have the ideal conditions.

At ÅF we have a passion for energy efficiency


ÅF has extensive and in-depth experience in energy efficiency and we offer unique turnkey solutions with specialised expertise. The cheapest and most environmentally-friendly kWh is the one that is not consumed!


There is energy to save!


Energy efficiency is based on optimising and adapting the building’s installations for the maximum benefit at the minimum cost. There is nothing to lose. Implementing energy efficiency measures is good business from the outset. We are a team of powerful consultants working with the systems in your property and guarantee that both you and your tenants will be satisfied.
Contact us at ÅF to hear more about how to create a smart and sustainable operational strategy! 


Contact us at ÅF to hear more about how to create a smart and sustainable operational strategy.


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