Cheap green energy with solar cells

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In just one year, the Earth is hit by 15,000 times as much solar energy as humanity can make use of. Make your own electricity with solar cells and enjoy lower energy costs.

Take advantage of the free energy that the sun provides

With a pilot study of your property, the potential and the economic viability of solar cells can be investigated. The pilot study includes site visits and the analysis of electricity generation, investment costs and payback. The pilot study can be adapted to suit your specific requirements, both in terms of content and presentation of results.


Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity in the form of direct current. They differ from solar collectors, where solar radiation is used to produce hot water.


ÅF will help you move from idea to action

ÅF has extensive experience in the subject of solar cells and can boast a large reference bank of projects. We provide information on all the possibilities and help you to find current projects where solar cells can be applied. ÅF conducts pilot studies where the role of solar cells is a special focus of study in the selected cases. ÅF uses simulation software to perform analyses over a longer period. In the procurement of solar cells, our task is to support the customer during the decision making process of a project. We provide advice in the planning phase and then formulate the procurement documentation. During the installation and commissioning phase we conduct inspections and can ultimately evaluate the system in terms of functionality.


ÅF’s collective knowledge of solar cell systems means that we set stringent requirements to ensure you get a flexible contract and a completed facility that maintains reliability over many years.


Contact us at ÅF and we will tell you more!


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