Operating is the key to profitable energy efficiency efforts

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We understand it takes time and requires continuity for both reducing and maintaining low energy consumption. We also know that energy performance is perishable. Operations support is an energy saving tool and a long-term approach that ÅF offers its customers. The aim is to reduce the operating costs in a building.

By using existing control and monitoring systems and sometimes adding an additional meter, we can monitor the energy consumption of a building over the year. With energy monitoring, and the training of operational staff, we can assist you with our cutting edge skills in the field to set goals for consumption, optimise energy consumption and reduce your operating costs.


In order to succeed with energy efficiency work in different types of buildings it requires that the operating organisation has adequate skills and has the ability to focus on the work over the long term. In other words, energy efficiency and quality-oriented operation and maintenance work are linked together.


When we sign an operational support agreement with the customer, our energy experts become a skills support mechanism for the operating organisation. At the same time, energy experts serve as catalysts that help operations to focus on energy efficiency and also prioritise the work and measures. An operational support agreement, in other words, provides the opportunity to receive continuous assistance from our energy experts. This applies to both long-term issues concerning operation and maintenance as well as acute problems at the facility.


Besides clear economic benefits, the operational organisation has enhanced system skills concerning the functionality of the building and its environmental impact. An improved indoor climate is part of the deal.


Operating support in combination with ÅF Energy Controller


ÅF Energy Controller is the ideal supplementary aid when we work with operational support in different buildings and facilities. It is an effective tool to use for monitoring the various measures in the building. The outcome of the implemented measures is ensured using this tool. The results can also be used positively as a basis for decisions on further operational and maintenance measures or for budgeting work. With the unique service ÅF Energy Controller you gain a full insight into both energy consumption and cost savings.


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