OVK - Mandatory Ventilation Inspection

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According to the Act on OVK - Mandatory Ventilation Inspection - introduced in 1992, all ventilation systems must be checked by a certified inspector. The purpose of the requirement for a functional check of the ventilation system is to ensure a satisfactory indoor climate in buildings.

How is a Mandatory Ventilation Inspection performed?


All ÅF certified inspectors are authorised to perform mandatory ventilation inspections in all types of properties, across the country. We have the specialist expertise and equipment needed for all types of measurements. As part of the inspection, the following is inspected/investigated by ÅF:

  • That the function and characteristics of the ventilation system are generally in line with the regulations in force when the system was commissioned
  • That the ventilation system does not contain contaminants that might spread through the building
  • That operating and maintenance instructions are available
  • What steps can be taken to improve energy conservation in the ventilation system, while retaining or improving the indoor climate.

During the inspection, ÅF also takes into account aspects such as the technical status of the facility along with any reconstruction needs. A ventilation system that is not adapted to suit the operations in the property often results in high energy costs.


If the inspection report includes remarks, ÅF is happy to assume complete responsibility for the procurement and implementation of the necessary improvements.


When should a Mandatory Ventilation Inspection be performed?


A Mandatory Ventilation Inspection must be conducted before a building’s ventilation system is used for the first time, and repeated at different intervals, depending on the type of building and ventilation system:

  • Nurseries, schools and health centres are inspected at three year intervals.
  • Offices and apartment buildings with FT and FTX systems are inspected at three year intervals.
  • Buildings with F and S systems are inspected at six year intervals.
    The property owner is responsible for the inspection being performed according to the stated intervals.


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