Environmental reporting with ÅF Energy Controller

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ÅF Energy Controller is the analysis tool that gives you full control of the energy consumption in a building, and the tool has now been developed to report environmental data as well.

All properties use energy (heating, cooling, electricity), which leads, among other things, to carbon dioxide emissions. Because about 40 per cent of Sweden’s energy is spent on properties, a fall in energy consumption therefore also ensures that natural resources are not suffering the same burden.


Therefore, it may be helpful to pose the following questions:

  • What environmental impacts does running your property create?
  • Would you like to be able to meet the demands of your tenants for climate adaptations?
  • Has your business a stated environmental policy and how do you report on the environment?

Climate targets


Environmental reports and sustainability reports are becoming increasingly important and are something that go hand in hand with energy savings. This is particularly reflected in the EU’s climate targets. A selection of the EU’s climate targets include:

  • Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 20 per cent by 2020 (EU 27). Emissions must fall by 30 per cent in a more extensive, international agreement.
  • Increased energy efficiency in the EU. Energy consumption must be reduced by 20 per cent by 2020.

Carbon dioxide as an environmental indicator


ÅF is a step ahead and can offer environmental reports for its customers with the product ÅF Energy Controller which complies with the new regulations that the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate has developed and that will take full effect in 2013. Environmental reporting with ÅF Energy Controller is based on calculations using carbon dioxide from greenhouse gases. Over time, more greenhouse gases are added, at which point the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate’s new guidelines should be applied. Carbon dioxide is currently the greenhouse gas that has become synonymous when reporting environmental and climate impacts.


The industry associations the Swedish District Heating Association and Swedish Energy have provided the emission factors for various types of energy, such as pellet, oil, wood chips and natural gas.


How does the environmental report work in ÅF Energy Controller?


The environmental report in ÅF Energy Controller provides information on emissions data using the most current emission factors. We collect specific environmental data from your particular suppliers of heat and electricity. The savings achieved by energy efficiency together with ÅF are now not only kWh and money, but also a directly reportable environmental value.


ÅF Energy Controller:

  • shows how much your property’s environmental impact was during the previous calendar year in terms of tonnes of CO2.
  • produces ongoing results each month on how things compare to the same period last year.
  • can show results on the properties that have improved or worsened using the sort function.
  • takes into account your property’s surface and provides key performance indicators (kg CO2/m2) for both electricity and heat consumption.
  • shows the rate of emissions (grammes CO2/kWh) that are emitted from the electricity and heat you currently consume.

It used to be difficult to get an overall picture of the environmental impacts produced by both heating and electricity consumption in a property. The environmental report in ÅF Energy Controller now makes this easy, and you get clear environmental results that can be used for environmental reports, annual accounts and welfare reports etc.


Contact us at ÅF and we will tell you more!


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