We classify buildings in terms of the environment and can raise the ratings

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The demand for environmentally certified buildings is increasing. ÅF has environmental consultants who are certified to lead and coordinate the entire process. We also have the specialists with experience in just about every aspect of environmental certification, from energy and materials to acoustics, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing. ÅF works with the international systems BREEAM and LEED as well as with the Swedish Environmental Building Certification (Miljöbyggnad) and the European Green Building.

To ensure success in your environmental certification aspirations it is important to factor these issues into the process as early as possible. This not only optimises the potential for achieving the highest ratings, but it also keeps costs down.


We work with both new constructions and existing buildings. In connection with property development more existing buildings are certified. Environmental certification attracts more tenants/purchasers and increases the value of future transactions. We always utilise every opportunity to maximise the potential of the property, for example by making it more sustainable and increasing its market value.


The European Green Building system focuses exclusively on a building’s energy use, therefore is it often supplemented with another system. The Swedish Environmental Building Certification (Miljöbyggnad), BREEAM and Green Building are administered by the Sweden Green Building Council, SGBC. LEED is administered by the US Green Building Council, USGBC.


Facts at a glance:
Environmental certification provides an objective assessment of a building’s environmental sustainability. The most common certification systems in Sweden are the Swedish Environmental Building Certification (Miljöbyggnad), LEED and BREEAM. Miljöbyggnad has been developed specifically for Swedish conditions and regulations. LEED and BREEAM are international systems that have been developed in the USA and Great Britain respectively. A Swedish version of the BREEAM assessment method is launched in 2013.