Reduce costs and better climate with energy audit

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The cheapest and most economical kWh is the one that is not consumed. With this in mind, ÅF offers turnkey solutions that reduce energy consumption in a building.

Energy Efficiency Directive


EU Energy Efficiency Directive includes measures for the EU to move closer to the goal of reducing its energy consumption by 20 percent by 2020.


New Swedish law introducing requirements for large companies to do an energy audit


Now the Swedish parliament has said yes to a new law that aims to adept the Swedish legislation for energy efficiensy directive. The decision means thaht:

  • Large companies will do an energy audit last December 5, 205 and thereafter at least every four years. With large companies means organizations with at least 250 employees and annual sales of over 50 million SEK or a balanced sheet total exceeding 43 million EUR per year.
  • New strategy for energy efficient renovation.
  • Suppliers of electricity shall invoice the customers for the metered consumption of electricity, if the supplier has access to measurements.
  • Requirements are included in measurement of energy use in apartments
  • The requirements are tightened on the public sector to be more energy efficient.

Most of the changes in the law will take effect on 1 June 2014.


We have extensive experience of ‘energy audits’

We have extensive experience of ‘energy audits’ whereby we gather information, identify potential problems, and analyse measurements and statistics. On this basis, we can then propose and implement various measures to streamline energy consumption, reduce operating costs and be more environmentally friendly than we were with the old system. An energy audit and subsequent actions could lead to energy costs being reduced by 20 to 30 per cent. The indoor climate is preserved or even improved at the same time.


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