ÅF Green Advisor Report

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At ÅF we are constantly working to find new ways to improve our sustainability and our ambition is to be the first and best choice as a partner when it comes to sustainability services of all kinds. ÅF Green Advisor Report describes a variety of assignments related to sustainability that ÅF has performed around the world.

The series of Green Advisor reports togheter with our sustainability policy and the previously established Green Advisor lan is our way of showing how we, as company, working for greater sustainability in various project, and by setting goals for ÅF to increase sustainability.


I latest issue of Green Advisor Report, we present a selection of project, where we at ÅF has, togheter with our customers, in differet ways, find sustainable solutions from a social, ecological and economic perspective. Small but important steps towards a more sustainable society.


> ÅF Green Advisor Report 2013:02


From the contents;

  • ÅF Energy Controller provides better operating economy and lower carbon footprint
  • Efficient use of energy in Stavanger´s new concert hall
  • ÅF appointed to Green Advisor to Beyond Skiing, Ski Championships in Falun 2015
  • Regulations should promote renewable energy in Ukrain
  • Offshore wind farm supplies Ölands household
  • Reduced carbon emissions by developed reactor technology
  • The mobile energy storage takes advantage of waste heat
  • Environmental impact is reduced in Avesta with conversion from propane to natural gas
  • To quench your thirst with sustainable access to water in Kirgizistan